Grain Free Cat Food

Nourish Grain Free Cat Food is packed full of nutrition. Made from 100% natural ingredients, containing 70% meat content as well as being grain free and Hypoallergenic

Grain Free

70% Meat Content

Added Fibre

The Benefits of Grain Free Cat Food

1) High Meat Content

Our Grain-free cat food is made with protein as the top ingredient in every recipe to ensure your Kitty’s protein needs are covered.


Cats are obligate carnivores, requiring up to twice as much protein as dogs of the same size. In the wild, you would find them hunting their prey, Grains? Nope. They need protein for lean muscle, strength, and energy. optimized for lean muscle, strength and energy.

2) Fewer Carbohydrates

While the natural diet of wild cats is varied, including small mammals and birds, cats evolved eating a diet solely based on whatever prey they could find. That means carbs were never the main course.


Carbohydrates—things like wheat, corn, barley, rice, corn and soy—make up only a small amount in any cat’s diet.

3) Digestion

Cats also lack certain enzyme pathways that allow other species to convert certain essential nutrients like taurine, Vitamin A, niacin, arginine and arachidonic acid. Hence, these nutrients all need to be provided in higher levels in feline diets to prevent the development of serious health issues.


Delivered to your Door

It couldn’t be more convenient to get your cats food. Our courier DPD, will deliver your food exactly when you need it

Vet Approved

We work closely with vets and nutritionist to make sure our recipes have everything your pet needs and wants from their food

100% natural ingredients

None of our grain free cat food recipes contain any nasties. That is why they are free from artificial colours, flavours and Preservatives