Sensitive Skin Dog Food

So why does my dog have a Sensitive Skin?

Dogs are not dissimilar to humans when it comes to allergies and intolerances. These allergies and intolerances can lead to itchy and sensitive skin. Your dogs diet can be a major factor in what is causing these issues as a lot of ingredients used widely in dog food recipes are also ingredients which are common dog food intolerances. Feeding a sensitive Skin dog food can solve this issue.

Common Dog Food Intolerances

Traditional dry dog food recipes

  • Grains (rice, barley, oats, wheat. Rye, Soy)
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Eggs

Pet Food

  • NO Grains (rice, barley, oats, wheat. Rye, Soy)
  • NO Beef
  • NO Pork
  • NO Eggs

Additional Sensitive Skin dog food guidance

Limited Ingredients Dog food:

A limited ingredient dog food helps to eliminate possible ingredients your dog may be intolerant to. You can more easily pinpoint certain protein sources or ingredients which may be causing your dog’s sensitive or itchy Skin. Recipes which include single protein sources can also be useful.

How nourish can help: All of nourish recipes are limited in ingredients and contain a main protein source with single protein sources available, the remaining composition of our recipes consist of vegetables and added natural supplements. 

High Meat Content:

The Meat Content is an important part of any diet because it is what gives your dog the energy they need to keep going throughout the day. It also gives you a good idea of how much meat is in the dog food as opposed to filler ingredients such as an excess of potatoes and grains. Most traditional dry dog foods consist of 15-20% meat content.

How nourish can help: Nourish has a minimum of 50% meat content in all its dog recipes. With our puppy food having a whooping 60% meat content. 

Omega 3 & Omega 6:

Omega 3 contains the fatty acids called DHA and EPA. These fatty acids calm the body’s the inflammatory reaction. This calming effect reduces the amount of histamines that are released from white blood cells and reduces your dog’s itching and scratching.
Omega 6  helps to nourish and replenish dogs’ skin, ensuring the skin stays in good condition, and maintains active coat growth. It also soothes sensitive skin and reduces itching and scratching.

How nourish can help: All nourish’s recipes contain Omega 3 and Omega 6, primarily to help with sensitive skin while also providing a glossier and shinier coat. Our Fish based recipes contain the highest percentage of both Omega 3 & 6  as it is found naturally in the fish protein sources used in the recipes. Below are our most popular recipes for sensitive skin: 

Our Most Popular recipes for dogs with Sensitive Skin:

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nourish Pet Food
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4.91 rating (947 reviews)