Dried Lung Puffed Jerky

Dried Lung Puffed Jerky contains natural oils for shiny coats and healthy skin.   An ideal chewy treat for pups with sensitive stomachs.  Helps to remove tooth plaque and tartar.

Easy to digest, wheat and gluten free and no artificial colours or preservatives.





Dried Lung Puffed Jerky


A healthy natural dog treat that provides your dog with hours of entertainment, our Beef Lung is full of goodness. The beef lung is air dried to lock in all the taste. They are the perfect treat for dogs that find it difficult to chew on harder treats. Not only is our Beef Lung a fantastic naturally healthy dog treat, but they are superb natural dog chews too. They help keep your dog’s teeth cleaner and in better condition.

  • 100% European Produce – we only carefully source good quality ingredients from Europe
  • 100% Grain & Gluten-free – 100% air-dried unsmoked beef lung goes into our healthy dog treats, no added spices, flavours, wheat, soy, corn, or any type of filler. Beef Lung natural dog treats are perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Dental Health – dogs love to gnaw and Beef Lung is the perfect natural dog chew that helps loosen and remove plaqu
  • No Grease – Beef Lung natural dog treats are totally dry and non-greasy
  • Hand Packed in Re-sealable Packaging – we hand pack our Beef Lung healthy dog treat to make sure they stay fresh for longer. Any odours are also well contained in our re-sealable packaging


Our Beef Lung healthy natural dog treats are suitable for puppies and dogs from 12 weeks.


Composition: 100% Dried Beef Lung


Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 72.8%, Crude Fat 12.46%, Moisture 7.87% and Crude Ash 1.78%


Note: Please make sure you supervise your dog with any treats and always provide fresh drinking water

This complemmentary feed can be given responsibly anytime as a treat or reward