Grain Free Dog Food

So Why Grain Free Dog Food?

There are many advantages to feeding your dog a grain free food even if they are not intolerant to grains. Grains include wheat, rice, barley, oats and rye and they make up the majority of most traditional dog foods. One of the main reason for this is that is much cheaper and hence why some people refer to grains as fillers. Most grain free foods replace these fillers with vegetables and higher meat content which is more beneficial for your pup. All nourish recipes contain a minimum of 50% meat content with the rest being vegetables and added natural supplements.

Our Grain Free Dog Recipes:

nourish Pet Food
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nourish Pet Food
Independently verified
4.91 rating (964 reviews)

Additional Benefits to feeding a Grain Free Diet:

Healthier Coat:

Switching across to a grain free dog food can have an almost immediate effect on improving your puppy’s coat. This is, experts say, partly due to the elimination of grains, and partly due to the other healthy ingredients within the food replacing those grains, including those that contain plenty of omega fatty acids. Your dog’s coat will look shinier and healthier and that is a sign of overall health.

Better Skin:

As well as a dull coat, grain within dog food can cause itchy, irritated, dry, even inflamed skin, this is normally a sign that your dog is intolerant to these grains. If left, this can cause infections and fur loss. With the Elimination of these grain and the added benefit of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are included in all nourish recipes, you can keep your puppy’s skin in excellent condition.

Smaller Stools

With Grain free foods the stools that are produced are more compact, and they will go to the toilet less frequently. The reasoning behind this is there is less within grain free dog food that can’t be digested. The corn and wheat in standard puppy food contains a lot of fibre and dogs can’t digest that properly. This results in it having to be removed from their body within their stools. Without that, there is less requirement to remove anything, most of the food is instead absorbed within the body.

Better Breath

Food that contains grains tends to leave a film over your dog’s teeth, this leads to a lot more bacteria than usual in your dog’s mouth. Eventually they will get washed away through saliva and water, but between times those bacteria can cause a terrible stink. With grain free food there is no film to get left on teeth. So your dog’s breath won’t be so bad. It’s still important to brush your dog’s teeth every week or so, just to make sure there is nothing lurking, however.

Fewer Allergies

Your dog may well be allergic to some of the ingredients in standard dog food, including the grain itself. nourish grain free dog food has limited ingredients making it less likely there will be an ingredient your dog has an intolerance to. We also offer single protein source adult foods which can help you find suitable protein sources for you dog via the process of elimination.

More Energy

Traditional puppy foods contain a lot of processed grains. Processed grains have had a lot of the fibre within them stripped away. This leads to your dog using up the energy that is in the food much more quickly than they usually would. Grain free dog foods like nourish pet food contain vegetables such as sweet potato which have a lower glycemic index meaning it releases energy slowly throughout the day.  So rather than feeling lethargic and unenergetic, it allows your puppy to burn energy over a longer period of time, so there is no spike and no crash.

Common Dog Food Intolerances

Traditional dry dog food recipes

  • Grains (rice, barley, oats, wheat. Rye, Soy)
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Eggs

Pet Food

  • NO Grains (rice, barley, oats, wheat. Rye, Soy)
  • NO Beef
  • NO Pork
  • NO Eggs